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Revolutionary Rhinocrete

Rhinocrete is a highly durable coating for  driveways, floors, paths or any other surface. The next evolutionary step on from traditional cementitious coatings such as Topcrete and Spraycrete our exclusive Rhinocrete coating never requires sealing OR resealing, Meaning $0 ongoing cost. 7 year warranty available. Superior curing means you can drive on your surface 24 hours after application is complete.

Even more advantages to Rhinocrete:

No delamination failure from moisture in the substrate. Less UV damage, water damage, chemical damage and loss of aggregate = less deterioration of surface and a longer lifespan. Non-yellowing, self-cleaning and UV stable.

Rhinocrete maintains superior durability even when wet because unlike typical one part water-based acrylics, this epoxy-modified acrylic system retains its strength when wet. This makes it self sealing and immune to issues caused by moisture during curing. Its traction properties suit both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

If you want the best of the best for your surface, contact us on 04 3492 8434 or visit

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