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Your garage, and you.

Garages are not just the home of our vehicles, they are often also a working space, storage area, or extra room. But the garage is often a neglected space as far as flooring is concerned. The bare concrete giving it a cold, unwelcoming, dusty and dirty feel.

An easy way to make your garage feel more like a part of your home and not just a box stuck to the side of it where your cars go, is to get the floors done.

1 Day Decorative Flake Floor

And one of the fastest, most hasslefree, and cost effective ways to do this is with a 1 Day coating system. When we say ‘1 Day coating system’ what we mean is it is installed in one day. From grinding to final top coat, completed on the same day. For around the same cost as other epoxy systems, the Epoxy2U 1 Day system we use here at Surface Solutions Sunshine Coast is:

-Installed in one day, not 3 or 4 days

-Cures in the next 24hrs after install, not 5-7 days

Thats a 1/5th of the time! Meaning 1/5th the hassle of storing cars and belongings somewhere else while your floor is being done.

And this isn't limited to garages, this can be done ANYWHERE. Kitchens, workshops, reception areas, warehouses, the list goes on. Easy to clean, no unhygienic grout lines, super hard, UV stable, minimal downtime, with no lingering smell or fumes.

For more info or pricing information contact Surface Surface Solutions Sunshine Coast today.

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