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Never Re-Seal again, save $1000 or more a year maintaining your horizontal hard surfaces.

If your driveway, garage, or any coated, painted or sealed surface requires re-sealing yearly or bi-yearly, your surface is old technology. This may not matter to those who don't know any different. However, it should matter. Suppliers sell products to contractors that have been available for 30 years, simply because they can continue to make money off the re-sealing and they don't need to try to source new products and convince their contractors to use the new product. And all of a sudden you are having your flooring coated with decades old coating technology in 2019.

The main reason this should matter to you is the major long run $$$ Savings.

UV and water sensitive coatings are common on the Sunshine Coast, which is not ideal in our climate. While these coatings may save you some money in the short term, they have a short lifespan before requiring maintenance. As soon as 6 months down the track, you will be expected to fork out quite a large sum of money for re-sealing to avoid having a patchy, faded, worn surface. Which will leave you back at the same point you were at when you first decided to coat or seal. All of this is something you can avoid.

Using a driveway as an example we find, as an average, we do 50m2 driveways. As soon as you need to reseal it to maintain its colour and longevity you're up for $800-$1,100. This will happen year upon year or until you're sick of paying for it. Your surface will begin to degrade until you can't stand looking at it anymore and you'll start the coating or sealing process all over again.

Often times you'll find getting a self sealing product like our Rhinocrete, over a more common Topcrete or Spray-On paving, is not only similarly priced, but, applied faster and returned to use sooner. And most importantly, Rhinocrete is 100% UV stable with no sealing or resealing required.


Best part is, Rhinocrete will always bind to itself. So if in 6,7 or 10 years or more you want a colour or style change, this is a simple process.

If you want plain clear sealer that will last for 7 years or more, we have Polyaspartic clear coats you can 'set and forget' and enjoy your shiny or 'wet look' surface for years without the ongoing costs or resealing.

Contact us for more info.

Thanks for reading!

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